Japan is synonymous with precision and finesse, second only perhaps to Germany when it comes to technological advances.

The very well inculcated discipline of working towards delivering excellence has seen the land of the rising sun flourish and became world beaters before the rest of the Asian tigers awoke from their sleep. The Japanese dominant force was unmistakably powerful and has influenced a better part of human civilisation in the last half a century. Girded with such a thought, Frasers Group of Companies takes pride in the investment by Koumenkensetsu K.K.’s Managing Director Mr. Ogawa Takaaki into our Malaysian business at Frasers.

The relationship structure between Koumenkensetsu and Frasers is not out of the ordinary where a superior Japanese industrialist invests into a Malaysian company like Frasers. But where it presents the significant distinction is where Frasers can really stand astutely different from others. Beneath the contractual relationship between Koumenkensetsu and Frasers is the tried and tested environment where the Directors of both companies like Dato’ Sri Keh, Mr. Lee, Mr. Zhu, Mr. Sim and Mr. Takaaki have all coexisted and thrived together. They have also attested to each other’s contribution in a symbiotic business friendship where the end result is nothing but a win for all.

Koumenkensetsu is led in the able hands of Managing Director Mr. Ogawa Takaaki. He has been with the company for 20 years and remains a pillar of motivation and strength to take the company to the next level.

Koumenkensetsu forms part of the Japanese construction industry as a main contractor with a focus in piling and structural works. Part of the company’s proud resume has been construction works dating back to 2005 and ranges from offices to hospital and library in the public sector.

Part of the KOUMENKENSETSU K. K.​’s proud resume has been construction works dating back to 2005 and ranges from offices to hospital and library in the public sector.

Completed Projects

Akihabara Dai Building, Tokyo, Japan

It is an office tower and forms part of the Akihibara Cross Field commercial complex in Tokyo. Standing at 142m high, 31 storeys above ground with 2 basement levels and 121 car parks, it began construction in May 2003 and completed efficiently in March 2005. It is located in the Akihabara District, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture.

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Construction to the East Core Towing Nibankan spotting a unique facade resembling a semi-circle on one part of the building was completed in 2009. Koumenkensetsu is proud to be the appointed contractor for East Core Towing Nibankan’s piling and structural works.

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Opened in September 2007 with 248 beds, the Kamagaya General Hospital sits in a very strategic spot as it is just a short distance away from two airports (Narita and Haneda Airports) and next to the Hokuso Railway with several railway stations nearby. The total floor area is 45,351sqm while the site area is 20,577sqm. Parking bays are available for 287 cars. The hospital is operated by the Tokushukai Medical Group who is under contract to the Kamagaya City.

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Koumenkensetsu is honoured to have been part of the history of the prefecture by helping to build this library in the piling and structural works components. The very industrialised Chiba is considered to be one of the wealthiest prefectures in Japan and this is attributed directly to their industrial and manufacturing pursuits from as early as the 1950’s.

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here are 4-storey ramp-ups with adequate trucking berths. It is also built with sustainability considerations given its expansive use of LED’s, solar panels on the rooftop, the eco-friendly shared bicycle system and being located in a seismically stable location. The piling and structural construction of Goodman Business Park – East Building is truly a feather in the cap for Koumenkensetsu given the sustainability factors within the development blueprint.

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